Essential Budapest Walk
All you need to know about Budapest – Highlights and hidden gems

Come join us to see the highlights and to discover some of the hidden gems of Budapest. Starting our walking tour on the emblematic Heroes’ Square on Pest we are heading to the hilly Buda side to the Castle District. Fun facts? Learning about locals’ lifestyle or architecture? Taking the oldest subway line of continental Europe? Best photo locations? Check! Giving you advice on our favorite places to eat to get the best Hungarian souvenirs or where to stroll along like a local is also part of our tour. It is a perfect choice for first time visitors.

Group size: up to 10 people

🕑Duration: 4 hours

💶Price: 175 € per group

Jewish Heritage Walk
Jewish heritage and hipster vibe – The two sides of the district

Did you know that the Largest European synagogue is in Budapest?During this tour we are exploring the abundant sights of the Jewish heritage in the area which used to be the Ghetto during World War II. Starting with visiting the Grand (Dohany) Synagogue. Then we can have a walk in the district to discover the Synagogue Triangle of Budapest. Apart from the history part you will get to know the bohemian side of this “party district”: street art, vintage shops or the cool ruin bars. We can even pop into an authentic ruinpub, too. Our tour ends in a pastry shop where you can taste a traditional Jewish cake (flodni).

Group size: up to 10 people

🕑Duration: 3 hours

💶Price: 185 € per one person

+35 € for each extra person

Buda Castle Walk
Discover the Royal Area and the Old Town of Buda

Would you like to visit the most historical part of Budapest? If that’s the case, this is the perfect choice for you! The area on top of the Castle Hill has been the heart of the capital even from the medieval times and partly survived the great wars. Today it is a charming UNESCO World Heritage Site. With cobblestoned passages, Baroque apartments, royal courtyards, cosy cafés and galleries the Old Town of Buda is a mix of culture and heritage, old and new. Of couse we will not miss such important sights as the gorgeous Matthias Church, the iconic Fisherman’s Bastion or the Royal Palace which houses two museums and a library actually.

Group size: up to 10 people

🕑Duration: 2.5 hours

💶Price: 120 € per one person

+ 5 € for each extra person

Red Walk
Learn about the lifestyle of the Hungarians under communism

Let’s learn about the Communist period that decided 44 years of the Hungarians and also had a great impact on present days. This is not just history. The tour is based on your guide’s early experiences and family stories but you will have the chance to visit the last standing Soviet War Monument or a memorial to the 1956 revolution. Can you imagine how could people live under secret police activity and goulash Communism? Would you like to see examples of the Socialist-Realist architecture? Join us!

Group size: up to 10 people

🕑Duration: 2 hours

💶Price: 105 € per group

Your Customised Tour
Plan your tour with our help

  • Do you have your own plan about what sights you would like to visit in Budapest with a local guide? ✔
  • Do you prefer to discover the city by car? ✔
  • Are there any other museums, churches, synagogues that you can not find in our itineraries or you would like to see them from inside with our guidance? ✔
  • Are you with a group of 10+ people? ✔
  • Are you interested in a Food Tour? ✔

🕑Duration: 2 -8 hours


From 105 €/ 2 hour walking tour

OR From 225 €/ 2 hour minivan tour

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